The president’s 2017 budget includes $1.1 Billion in additional funding to combat prescription drug abuse. $920 million of the proposed budget will be allocated to expand access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid abuse. What does this mean for treatment centers?

  • More incoming leads

If the 2017 budget is approved, your call center will likely experience an increase in incoming calls. If your facility cannot handle the call volume, you are going to be losing business.

  • New pool of clients

The new budget will enable many people who receive federally subsidized healthcare to receive treatment. Your facility will have an entirely new pool of clients. Treatment centers should strongly consider expanding their marketing efforts to capture these new clients. Many people with substance abuse issues will be unaware that they will become eligible for treatment. If your treatment center can capture even a fraction of these new clients, you would significantly increase the number of people in your facility.

  • New rules for verification

The new budget will create new rules for insurance verification. Insurance carriers in a number of states will become eligible. Your staff will need to be aware of these changes.

  • New rules for medical staff

Provisions in the new budget will specifically address the drug Naloxone. A pilot program in several states may allow nurse practitioners to begin administering the drug. The president also revised a ban on using federal funds to support syringe service programs, which can help reduce the transmission of HIV, hepatitis and other blood borne infections.

Several states have already increased funding to combat prescription drug abuse. On February 29th, the governor of West Virginia announced more than $1.5 million in additional grants to expand treatment for substance abuse.  Several other states are following suit and ramping up their budgets for next year.

The new changes to the federal budget for 2017 may overwhelm many facilities. Software will have to be updated, call centers expanded, marketing budgets will need to be increased and clinical staff will have to receive new training. Complete Recovery Group can help you with the transition. We can provide you with a complete marketing infrastructure so you can focus on what you do best, helping your clients overcome addiction. We offer a full range of services for treatment centers including customer resource management, website management, search engine optimization and pay per click management, We also offer intake assistance, call center support, client consulting, insurance verification and lab services. Our call center support is fully scalable which will allow you increase support during your busy seasons and as your company grows. Visit and call us today to see how we can help fill your empty beds.