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Lose the Taboo of Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse is a disease which can affect anyone.  No one is immune to addiction. The media often characterize addicts as homeless or unemployed, but the truth is that substance abuse is prevalent everywhere. A recent study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 44 percent of Americans know someone who was […]

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How Intake Marketing Services Will Keep You Full Without Upfront $$

Are you unhappy with your current marketing efforts? Are you spending money on marketing with little or no results? Complete Recovery Group can help. Our goal is to fill your empty beds so you can focus on helping your clients.

Marketing for treatment centers is extremely competitive. Many facilities spend thousands of dollars daily […]

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90% Capacity Without Breaking Your Budget

Why Online Marketing is More Important and Easier Than Ever

Our primary goal at Complete Recovery Group is to get you quality placements in a cost-efficient manner. Online marketing can be the most effective way of filling beds in your facility while staying within your budget. Many treatment centers simply don’t have the staff or the […]

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How $1.1 Billion in Funding to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse Will Affect Your Center

The president’s 2017 budget includes $1.1 Billion in additional funding to combat prescription drug abuse. $920 million of the proposed budget will be allocated to expand access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid abuse. What does this mean for treatment centers?

  • More incoming leads

If the 2017 budget is approved, your call center will likely experience an increase […]

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5 Effective Marketing Tools You Aren’t Using

1 Email Campaigns

One of the most valuable assets many treatment centers fail to utilize are email addresses. You should be collecting the email address of every single person who contacts your facility and putting them into a simple database. There are several free websites such as Mailchimp or Sendinblue which will allow you to send […]

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